Sieze the Birthday

Days like this are what make working from home so special. My daughter Lydia turned 4 today.

I am right in the middle of a busy work week with a backlog of around 200 hours. Despite that, it’s a special day, and I’ll make sure it’s a memorable one. We are riding the wave of whatever Lydia wants to do. I still remember my 4th birthday and she will too.

Half way through the day, Lydia is happy as ever. Air Jordan Femme She has consumed part of the cake we gave her this morning for breakfast. (Note to self: Don’t do that again.) The remainder is scattered all about her favorite spots in the house; I have to rely on our dog Bentley to tackle that task, and he is more than willing. The sun is shining, but all Lydia wants to do is play with the balloons and drag the princess blankets we gave her all over the house.

It’s more than Lydia’s day. It’s a special day for Courtney and me, too. I can guarantee it’s killing Courtney to be working today. I am not going to remind her by sending her videos or showing up at work for a lunch. I think she would rather skip lunch and get out early so she has no pressures of the work day to distract her from the time she does get to spend with her daughter.

Last night I pulled out some videos I took of the two of them when Lydia was less than 6 months old and we all watched them together. It was an emotional moment for us. It’s very air jordan 1 difficult for a mother to see her child so young all the while knowing that she missed so many special moments. When she gets home I’ll show her the videos from today and then hang out with the family.

All the while my company work is still getting done, but I had to shift my work time to late last night (9 to 11:00) and early this morning (5 to 6:30) and late tonight (9 to 11:00 again). That’s a total of 6.5 hours of work for the day, and I’ll get to enjoy every moment along the way.