The Get-Out-of-Nap Routine

It may be long forgotten but it’s not hard to imagine that we all, as kids, had a get-out-of-nap routine. Lydia will do anything to avoid that time of the day when she has to lie down, stay still and be quiet; it’s the polar opposite of what a 4-year-old wants to do.

Lydia’s natural reaction is not to take no for an answer. In business I admire that philosophy, but at home it’s frustrating. Most days I eventually put my foot down, but today was different. Because today, in her own way, she told me how she views her world.

Lydia picked out a stuffed monkey and decided it was her baby. air jordan 14 Then she put it in a doll rocking chair. She put on a dress and told me that she had to go out to “bring home the bacon,” a term her mother uses when Lydia asks why mom is leaving for work. She asked me if I would take care of the baby while she was gone. Of course, I agreed.

She was gone for a couple of minutes before I tracked her down to check on her. She was at my desk, pretending to work. When she was done she took out a puzzle box and stuffed the pieces into her purse. “This is the money I made from working,” she says. “Now I have to go shopping.”

But first her little hand surfed into her purse and she handed me five puzzle pieces. “We have to save some of this money for later. Can you go back to watching the baby now?” She went off again.

A little while later she returned from her shopping trip with a basket of random items and asked if I would help her put on an apron. “Look at all this stuff I got for us, Daddy. I bought it with the money I made from work.” Then she began making lunch at her Kiddie Kitchen.

When we finished eating, she retrieved her baby out of its chair and hopped into her bed, a place she has refused to sleep for months. “Snug as a bug in a rug,” she says with a smile. “Don’t worry, nike zoom hyperrev Daddy. I am not scared to sleep in here.”

She understands that her mom leaves each day because she has to help provide for the family. She knows we have to make money to buy the things we need and that we also have to save some of it. She feels safe where she is and knows that someone she loves is there with her every day.

For a while it may have simply been a get-out-of-nap routine, but it worked — in many ways.