Brief Hiatus

Just a quick note that due to the beginning of high-school football season (Jeremy) and having to cover the US Open (Chris), there will likely be no new posts here for just a few weeks. Looking forward to getting back to working from home very soon…

Take 2

Paddle Power is a benefit to raise awareness for suicide. This two-day canoe trip on the Connecticut River has become a tradition for my sister and wife. It’s a wonderful event that is very near and dear to our hearts. This year my sister arrived a week early with baby in tow to raise money … Continue reading »

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I’m easy. Change seldom ruffles me. Even with this new parenting job, the dire “your life is no longer yours” warnings mostly have rung unwarranted. I don’t miss much about my pre-fathering days, mostly because I don’t view my new responsibilities as anchors so much as I see them as different sails. However, one thing … Continue reading »

One Hand Left

Though it may seem contradictory compared with my recent post “Formula for Success,” a repeating delay in my workday has been having to feed Maggie. I don’t mind feeding her, of course. I understand that it’s necessary — if she didn’t eat, she wouldn’t poop, and then what would we do with the closet full … Continue reading »

Fat Gym Rat

I will always be a gym rat. As a child I spent my summer days and after-school hours at the Carter Community Building, a wonderful gift to the town of Lebanon, New Hampshire, and to budding rats like me. As a high-school and college athlete I could pretty much always be found on a field, … Continue reading »

The Singing Fool

I am a world-class bad singer. Any accurate note I hit is accidental. My rhythm isn’t bad and my sense of timing is nearly impeccable, but my singing voice sounds like a palm rubbing against a wet chalkboard, though more pitchy. I could probably, with just a little effort, become the first professional non-singer — … Continue reading »

The F Bomb

In many homes, for at least one half of the marital couple it’s a dirty word: Finances. For most people, the word triggers a fight-or-flight response. The problem is that for each individual, the response is almost always the same. At the mention of the word “finances,” some get excited and prepare for battle with … Continue reading »